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Dron & Dickson partners with Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers UK (AFBE-UK).

Dron & Dickson Announce Partnership with AFBE-UK

Providing New Opportunities for Black and Minority Ethnics in Engineering

Dron & Dickson are proud to announce its partnership with AFBE-UK. This partnership provides new opportunities for black and minority ethnics studying and working in engineering.


AFBE-UK provides support and promotes higher achievements in Education and Engineering particularly among students and professionals from ethnic minority backgrounds. Currently, only 9% of engineers in the UK are from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds although an average of 29.9% of engineering university graduates are from BME backgrounds. AFBE-UK works to increase the number of ethnic minority people who pursue a career and have successful careers within the engineering industry.

As part of the partnership, AFBE-UK will support Dron & Dickson's equality, diversity and inclusion strategy and will work together on improving routes into the industry. Together, AFBE-UK and Dron & Dickson have already identified key strategic areas to work on, including recruitment and strategy review.

Ollie Folayan (AFBE-UK Corporate Partnerships Lead) and Tom Irwin (Dron & Dickson Engineering Director)


Statements from Dron & Dickson and AFBE-UK

Tom Irwin, Engineering Services Director, Dron & Dickson said, “We at Dron & Dickson are proud and excited about the partnership with AFBE-UK. We are fully committed to supporting and developing our workforce, and as we continue to grow, we look forward to attracting the best candidates from a wide and diverse background. This partnership offers the company the opportunity to reach a broader range of candidates and helps to bring in new ideas and perspectives into our working culture.”

Ollie Folayan co-founder, AFBE-UK Corporate Partnerships Lead, states, “We are excited about this partnership with Dron & Dickson. I was honoured to meet Colin last year at the Scottish Engineering Awards in Glasgow and then to speak at the (Dron & Dickson) Growth Conference in March this year. Dron & Dickson has a great family-like culture and Colin and the leaders at Dron & Dickson have a genuine commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. I look forward to working with this great company and seeing what AFBE-UK can add to its culture and vision.”

We are highly motivated to bring value to this partnership and encouraged by Ollie Folayan's passion to increase representation of black and ethnic minorities within the engineering field.