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Change of Leadership as Dron & Dickson Appoint New Group Managing Director

In an exciting development at Dron & Dickson, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of Lenny Collins as the new Group Managing Director, effective from 2nd October, 2023. Lenny returned to the company almost five years ago as the Strategy & People Director. 

Extensive Experience & Impressive Educational Background

Lenny's extensive experience and qualifications make him the perfect choice to lead the organisation into the future. Before taking on the role of Group Managing Director, Lenny Collins served as the Strategy & People Director at Dron & Dickson. Prior to re-joining the company, Lenny held the position of HSEQ Director at Applus+. Further back. Lenny enjoyed an impressive and rewarding two-decade-long tenure at Rolls-Royce, where he began as a mechanical engineering apprentice. Over the years, he progressed through various roles, including quality, commissioning, operations management, and health & safety. This extensive experience has undoubtedly prepared him for the leadership role he assumes today.

Lenny's educational background is equally impressive, with a Bachelor of Arts in Health & Safety Management, a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Environmental Management, a Master of Science in Quality, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management. He is also currently pursuing an MBA, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement.

Colin Rowley To Transition to Executive Chair

The transition in leadership comes after the formation of a new board of directors in 2019. Colin Rowley, who has served as the Managing Director, had long harboured the intention of stepping back from the business when the timing was right. The sustained and impressive performance of Dron & Dickson throughout this period, despite facing unprecedented challenges, has instilled confidence that now is the ideal moment for this change.

Colin Rowley will assume the role of Executive Chair during this transition period. He will work closely with Lenny Collins to ensure a seamless handover of responsibilities while gradually reducing his day-to-day presence within the company. This carefully planned transition is designed to ensure a seamless shift in leadership and maintain the company's momentum.

Greater Heights for Dron & Dickson

Lenny Collins said, "I’m delighted to be appointed into this position at an exciting time in the organisation’s history. I aim to build on the success we have enjoyed over the last five years, with my key focus on fulfilling our purpose, living our core values, delivering our net zero plan, and achieving our growth and diversification plans."

The entire Dron & Dickson family wishes Lenny Collins the very best in his new role as Group Managing Director. With his extensive experience, impressive educational background, and dedication to excellence, we are confident that he will lead the company to even greater heights in the years to come.