More than a distributor ...

Certified Junction Box Assembly

Dron & Dickson are the leading certified assembler of both Weidmuller (Klippon®) and Hawke junction box enclosures in the UK.

With an extensive stock holding of TBMH, STB and POK Weidmuller enclosures and EA (Easy access), GRP and S-Series stainless steel Hawke enclosures.

  • Our workshop is able to provide unrivalled competence, expertise, quality and service to customer specifications.
  • Our assembly includes; design, population, drilling and tapping of all entries in house. All aspects of assembly are undertaken in our workshop allowing true ownership of delivery lead time and costs.
  • All personnel are trained and qualified in accordance with both Hawke’s and Weidmuller’s third party assembly license which has been accredited by a certifying authority.