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Trace Heating

On aging onshore and offshore assets we are challenging the existing trace heating philosophy, culminating in a marked reduction of requirements for trace heating and insulation. This has a huge impact on CUI issues and reduces an asset or sites Ex Register which in turn, has a cost saving on Ex inspections.

  • Access to all trace heating manufacturers
  • Prevention of expensive piping repairs due to frost and hydrate damage
  • Avoidance of system blokages preventing production deferment
  • Innovations to replace obsolete trace heating systems on high temperature installations
  • Detailed trace heating design
  • Shutdown and campaign works identifying key areas of concern and planning to completion
  • Full As Built package on project completion
  • Provision of distribution control panels and special temperature monitoring panels for critical equipment
  • Fast and efficient material and manpower mobilisations
  • On-site personnel training
  • Full Rope Access capability with IRATA level 1, 2 and 3 Technicians
  • One -stop-shop for design, supply, installation and commissioning for both trace heating and associated power supply




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