People and Careers

People make Dron & Dickson

Our Core Values

Our Values aim to underpin and create a positive culture and working environment as well as set behavioural expectations. We are committed to investing in our workforce as we recognise people as our greatest asset.

Our Value acronym AGILE represents qualities associated with being responsive, flexible and adaptable to change which collectively have been identified as key differentiators that offer us competitive advantage. The behaviours for each value are highlighted below:


Taking ownership. Inspiring others and never giving up. Exhibiting decisiveness, positivity and resilience.


Providing the best people products and prices to our customers. Acting with sincerity and respect at all times


Showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles. Simply put, it's doing the right thing in all circumstances.


Growing and developing. Sharing best practice, rectifying errors and communicating effectively. Seeking continual personal and customer improvements through training knowledge and innovation.


Showing helpfulness, care and courtesy. Listening in a non-judgemental manner. Sharing and solving problems both internally and externally whilst building enhancing and nurturing relationships.