Environmental Policy

Dron & Dickson is registered to ISO 14001:2015 with the leading certification body NQA. We are committed to minimising our  impact on the Environment  and pursue continuous improvement by setting realistic objectives and targets  through our audit and management review programmes.

We will review our activities and operations to identify environmental impacts and prioritise action to reduce and minimise them. Specifically, we will:

  • Set environmental targets to reduce energy and resource consumption, minimise the amount of waste we generate and reduce the use of harmful materials in order to prevent pollution.
  • Maintain a high level of awareness of sustainability issues amongst our employees and integrate environmental management into our training programmes.
  • Meet or exceed all relevant UK, European and International legislation and agreements and any other regulatory requirements that apply to our activities on and offshore.
  • Ensure that goods and services procured support our sustainable code of conduct and in turn encourage our suppliers and contractors to improve their own environmental performance.
  • Reduce the green house gas emissions from our business travel and buildings estate.
  • Monitor progress against targets, and reduce our ecological footprint.